Digital Certificate

Our newest innovation involving blockchain technology. Digital certificates in the blockchain are coming in at the right time to solve problems in managing important records such as diplomas, transcript of records, and other certifying documents.

Blockchain - what's that and how does it help?


Blockchain is a decentralized, immutable database that facilitates the process of recording and tracking assets, documents, and transactions.

When students graduate, they acquire all kinds of good performance certificates, transcripts, diplomas, etc., which will become an important reference for application to new workplaces. Sometimes, with such big figures of graduating students every year, it becomes slow and tedious work to create, validate, and track these documents manually.

To add, it becomes difficult to determine whether the degree or any educational document is valid because there is no such authority that verifies educational documents as well as generates it. With our latest technology, secure and automated digital certificates can be later used for easy access, download, and sharing.


Bringing Educational Institutions into the Modern Era

Shifting to digital credentials increases student satisfaction, improves administrative operations, and helps students move forward in their careers. This service will definitely give our clients more tracking, social sharing, and alumni engagement capabilities.

Past and present students can easily and safely access their school documents online, while administrators can track how often graduates and students send out their academic credentials. Overall, this new innovation fills a much-needed void as we, SEBI Tech, move to create a rippling effect throughout the education arena.

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