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School Management Lifecycle

Even before student registration begins, there are a lot of things that need to be ready and prepared, namely: the curriculum, classrooms, calendar, and school fees. We understand and endeavor to make the process seamless and easy for our co-educators with an easy to use setup that allows you to create a school-wide calendar and program for use by all.
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We understand that first impressions are important, therefore the entrypoint of prospect students must be intuitive, seamless, and efficient. Our online reservation and applicant portal will lessen the strain for both the applicant and admissions team by allowing students to apply on their own, with no difficulty, and having their information automatically imported to the school database.
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This might just be the most hectic stage in the school management lifecycle, but it does not have to be that way. With our enrollment facilities, enrollment becomes quicker, simpler, and more manageable. The Registrar’s Office won’t have to micromanage individual students because prescriptive advising is automated.

For students, our intuitive system makes it easy for them to understand what has been accomplished, where they are in the process, and what will come next. What’s more, automatic prescriptive advising makes the whole process quick and painless for everyone.
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Grades can be really tricky, but can integrate directly with existing learning management systems like Canvas, so that your teaching staff will not have to re-encode student grades into multiple systems eliminating chances for error.
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We have to prepare a lot of documents every year for each graduating batch. We hear you and we understand the struggles and manual labor that comes into the diplomas, list of graduates, transcript of records, and other documents. Not only did we automate the process; we're taking a leap forward with our newest innovation involving blockchain technology.

Digital certificates in the blockchain are coming in at the right time to solve problems in managing important records such as diplomas, transcript of records, and other certifying documents. By keeping them digital and secure at the same time, there is no need for printing, signing and most importantly, tedious manual verification.

Learn more about how blockchain technology and digital certificates can help you here.
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We deliver a system for educators, by educators.

was developed from the realization that there are many intricacies in school management processes that other IT solutions do not account for. Instead of leaving schools shoehorned into a system that just doesn't quite fit, we developed to specially handle the unique needs of schools.

As T.I.P.’s first spin-off company, SEBI Tech endeavors to continuously improve our school IT management system, . As a spin off, we leverage our relationship with T.I.P. to have access to educators, students, and other stakeholders, and continuously support their ever changing needs. This ensures that stays relevant and enables its partner clients to thrive.

Through us, partner clients have a professional and dedicated service provider working with them throughout system implementation and beyond.


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We work with passion to deliver authenticity.

We critically listen to our client-partners’ needs in order to deliver services and products that capture the essence of school operations. Borne out of our expertise as school administrators, we empathize with school client-partners and deliver ingenious services and products that truly empower their growth and success. We know that there is always room for improvement and are committed to relentlessly develop our products to serve the long-term needs of the evolving education landscape.

We communicate effectively.

We express our ideas and thoughts clearly, timely, and appropriately to drive products both internally across all levels of the organization, and externally with client-partners. We exercise effective communication in expressing the care and concern we have for each other and the welfare and success of our client-partners. We recognize that effective communication must be consistently and consciously practiced, to be truly beneficial to the organization’s goals.

We cultivate great relationships with mutual respect.

We strive to pursue and develop deep and trusting relationships with our co-employees and client-partners by recognizing and valuing the enriching differences inherent amongst us. We build an atmosphere of trust and dependability by respecting these enriching differences. We acknowledge everyone's voice because we believe that no one has a monopoly on genius.

We strive for continuous improvement.

We believe that people should continuously grow, both personally and professionally. Given the dynamic nature of our industry, we commit to being infinite learners, pushing to constantly improve ourselves, our product, and our company. We exercise humility in recognizing that there is always something to learn, We understand that our individual and collective ability as a company to critically examine ourselves, lear, and adapt quickly, is our strategic advantage.


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